Student Services

Leaving Campus? Forward your mail!

Address Format Requirements

Address format requirements for mail sent to student boxes are provided in the example below:

Student name 
ASU Box number 
614 Howard Street

Boone, NC 28608

Please provide the student's name as provided in Banner, both first name and surname (no nicknames). Doing so will help to ensure the proper and timely delivery of student mail. Providing a full return address (including street address, zip code, etc.) will ensure that the mail piece can be properly returned if undeliverable for any reason.

Check Your Box Frequently

The University may rely on student boxes for correspondence; therefore, all students who have an Appalachian box should check their boxes on a regular basis.  This will also prevent the excessive accumulation of mail.

If a situation arises where the accumulation of mail is a necessity, then specific arrangements must be made with the University Post Office prior to the time period in which mail would need to be held. 

  • Any U.S. or intercampus mail that remains unclaimed in a box for a period of thirty (30) days may be removed from the box, marked as unclaimed mail, and returned to the sender.
  • To prevent mail theft, students should firmly close their box door and turn the combination dial several times to relock the box. Failure to do this will leave their box unsecured and easily accessible to anyone.
  • Students should advise correspondents to refrain from sending cash through the mail – use checks or money orders instead.
  • Students receiving newspapers should be especially careful to check their boxes on a regular basis. Due to the restrictive size of student boxes and the inherent bulk of most newspapers, we can usually place only two (2) newspapers in a box at any one time. If a box already has two newspapers in it our policy is to remove the oldest issue and replace it with the most current issue. Old newspapers will then be sent to the University recycling center on a regular basis.