Frequently Asked Questions

New Students

What’s my campus mailing address?

It’s being assigned.  Stay tuned for an email near the beginning of the semester.

What if I forget my mailing address or mailbox combination?

You can always find it by logging into your Appalnet account and looking under “Personal Information” / addresses and phone numbers

Where is the Post Office?

Bottom floor of Miles Annas Student Service Building - 614 Howard Street (Behind the Student Union). 

Will you check my mailbox to see if I have mail?

No. Students are responsible for checking their own boxes.

How will I know if I have packages or mail?

If you get a package that won't fit in your box, you'll receive an email from the Post Office.  Otherwise, come by and check your box for letters, magazines, newspapers and small items. 

Where can I find my PO box number and combination?

If you miss the email with your post office box number and lock combination, remember, you can always find that info by logging into Appalnet.


Current Students

How do I forward my mail?

You'll need to complete the Mail Forwarding Request form online or drop by the post office in Miles Annas to fill out a "Forwarding Address Form" before you leave. Otherwise we won't know where to send your mail.

What if I don't fill out a "Forwarding Address Form"?

Two weeks after receipt any unclaimed packages will be returned to sender unless a forwarding has been requested. Letter type mail will be returned to sender as unclaimed after approximately 30 days. If you are expecting mail at your university address but are not going to be here to receive it we strongly encourage you to leave us a forwarding address.

Where can I find the form?

Forwarding address forms are available at the  University Post Office from the window clerks and in the lobby.

I’m a returning student and I’ll be living on campus- where’s my mail this year?

You’ll have the same mailbox as last year. The Post Office is still located in the Miles Annas Student Services building behind the Student Union.

I’m living off campus this year – can I have an on-campus mail box?

Sure! It costs $41.00 per semester. You must “Opt-In” by the published deadline for each semester if you want to keep the same box number as last year.

How do I “Opt-In” for an on-campus mail box?

  • Log into Appalnet
  • Go to Addresses and Phone Numbers
  • Opt-In for a mailbox

**Note: “opting in” expires each semester. 

I don’t want a campus mailbox. How do I opt out?

If you will no longer live on campus, there is nothing you need to do. Your campus mailbox will be reassigned to someone else.

What if I don’t have a campus box and I still get mail?

Plan ahead!  If you don’t want to miss any important mail, fill out the Mail Forwarding Request form online.