Bulk Mailings

Standard Requirements

Any department planning to use an outside vendor for the preparation and sending of a bulk mailing should give the University Post Office advance notice, so that we may ensure the availability of sufficient funds in the USPS bulk mailing account.

All bulk standard mailings consist of at least 200 pieces identical in size and weight and must be prepared in accordance with the following standard preparation requirements:

  • All flaps must either be sealed or tucked in.
  • All standard bulk mailings must have the Permit #36 indicia in the upper right corner of each piece of mail.
  • Each piece of mail must have a complete university return address in the upper left corner.
  • All presorted first class mailings consist of at least 500 pieces identical in size and weight.
  • Each piece must bear the Permit #1 indicia in the upper right corner.
  • All mail pieces must be in zip code order. 
  • Addresses used in bulk mailings must have been run through the USPS NCOA link process within 90 days of mailing, or the appropriate ancillary services endorsement must be printed on the mailpieces.

Please contact the University Post Office for additional information concerning standard bulk mailings and presorted first class mailings. 


PO Form 15After a bulk mailing is properly sorted and packaged, University Post Office employees will pick it up on a regularly scheduled mail route. Alternately, the mailing may be brought to the University Post Office by the preparing department. The University Post Office requires a PO Form 15 (yellow slip, see right) to be completely filled out and attached to the bulk mailing. Fund number must be on PO Form 15.

Notes to Consider

There are certain types of mailings and material that do not qualify for bulk rates. It is strongly recommended that a sample of bulk mailings be brought to the University Post Office for assessment of its bulk rate eligibility and readiness for mailing before having a large number of pieces printed.

If a bulk mailing is improperly prepared, it will be returned to the originating department for proper treatment.

The University Post Office has on hand several bulk mail indicia rubber stamps that may be checked out by university departments for use on approved bulk mailings. The stamps must be returned immediately upon completion.

If there are any questions regarding bulk mailings, PLEASE discuss them with University Post Office personnel.